PowerGen Dual Port USB 2.1A 10W AC Travel Wall Charger for Apple iPad 2, New iPad 3, iPhone 5 4 4s 3Gs 3G, iPod Touch, And More Devices (USB Cable not included) - Black
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Product Details
Wireless Phone Accessory
PowerGen Dual Port USB AC Charger charges your iPad, iPhone, iPod, HTC, Blackberry, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Mobile Phones.
Use your existing USB charging cables to charge most USB powered devices / Easy-to-see LED confirms whether USB charger is properly connected
NO more disturbing Bright LED light at night, Dim Blue LED indicator used.
Input:100-240V 150mA ; Output:DC 5V 2.1A or 10W (Two ports share 2.1A)
Sophisticated circuit design with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection. Charging will be automatically stop when battery is full.

Editorial Reviews
The PowerGen Dual Port USB AC / Travel charger charges TWO of electronic devices simultaneously, eg. iPad, iPhone, iPod, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Mobile Phones and USB for power. It is compact with high quality finish and comes with full 1 year limited warranty.

Compatible Models:
MP3 players, ipods, iphone 4s, iphone 4s, iphone 3G, Apple iPad, Mobile phones, PDA, GPS, MP4, Portable wifi, Amazon Kindle fire / DX and other kindles.
USB Port 1 (Designed for Apple products) Compatibility
iPad @ 2 Ampere Max.
iPhone / iPod Touch @ 1 Ampere Max.
Others phones / GPS / Tablet etc. @ 0.5 to 1 Ampere Max. (May not support charging of some devices)
USB Port 2 (port close to LED, designed for non apple products) Compatibility
iPad @ NOT Compatible
iPhone / iPod Touch @ 0.5 Ampere Max.
Others phones / GPS / Tablet etc. @ 1 to 2 Ampere Max.
NOTE 1: Currently known support tablets: Amazon Kindle Fire & all other Kindles, Samsung Galaxy Tab Series, Nobal Nook Color, Nook Tablets, HTC Flyer.
NOTE 2: NOT compatible with HP TouchPad, Asus transformer or Motorola Xoom.
NOTE 3: May NOT support some Blackberry phones.

Package Includes:
1 pc PowerGen Dual Port USB AC / Travel charger
User Guide
1 year limited waranty included
Customer Reviews

Fast IPhone Charging, Good Value, Port Labels Missing - C. MacPhail on Apr 5, 2012

** Update July, 2012 - There is a newer version of this with the ports clearly marked: PowerGen Dual Port USB Wall Charger - White

- - - Speed Matters- - -

Sometimes you need to charge in a hurry. Even if a charger "works with your device" it may be painfully slow. Get one that will charge your devices at full speed (like the one that came with your device). This is not so simple. Product info is often unclear. Reviewers are often unclear.

For starters, the "Amps" need to be high enough. That's usually 1 Amp for smartphones, about 2 Amps for tablets. (A higher amp charger is always OK.)

The messy part is, Apple devices use their own rules to decide charging speed. A designed-for-Apple charger may be slow to charge non-Apple devices, and vice versa, even if its Amp rating is high enough.

- - - About this PowerGen Wall Charger - - -

PowerGen gets it right by optimizing one port for Apple products (including iPad) and the second port for non-apple products. The two ports make it versatile, even if you never charge two devices at once.

Oddly, the ports are not marked on the charger, and there is no mention in the user manual of which port is which, or even any differences between the ports. (The amazon listing explains it, or see Tip below.)

If you plug your Apple device into the wrong port, you'll get slow charging (or none at all for iPad).

I hope other reviewers will test charging speed for non-Apple tablets. The manufacturer's info is sketchy on this.

If you're willing to understand and label the ports yourself, this high capacity, do-it-all charger is a good deal.

- - - Similar PowerGen Models - - -

I was confused about the 4 different flavors of this charger offered on amazon, so I emailed PowerGen. The 4 flavors are actually identical. The detailed product descriptions on amazon are also identical. They are listed with different titles to so that people looking for a device-specific charger will find the PowerGen.

- - - Disclosure - - -

The manufacturer gave me this product for review. I believe my review is impartial.

- - - Pricing - - -

In April 2012, the price of this PowerGen dropped from 13 to 10. Nice.


* Fast charging for Apple and non-Apple devices (see Note 1)
* Nice Price
* Doesn't block other outlets (see Note 2)
- LED power-on indicator (dim blue, not obnoxious)


- Compact enough, could be better
- 6-month warranty (per manual). Or is it 12 months (per listing)?
- Branded product. Amazon reviews apply to this exact item.
- Energy efficient (see Note 3)
- Feel, fit and finish are OK
- No cable included


* Ports not marked
- Glossy black finish shows off scratches, dust, and fingerprints
- No UL or certification (it is marked ROHS = no excessive hazardous substances)

- - - Alternatives - - -

Many alternatives on amazon, but most have vague or contradictory info. I hope to update this over time.

- AmazonBasics Wall Charger - USB 2.1 Amp (1-port charger for iPad, iPhone...)
- Travel Charger U250 for HTC Thunderbolt (designed for non-Apple products up to 1 amp. Charges iPhone at 85% of full speed)

- - - Tips - - -

The port closest to the blue status light is the non-Apple port.

- - - Notes - - -

Note 1: Charging speed - I tested using a 3-month old iPhone 4S while on/locked. These results do not apply to other devices. I did not test tablets or other phones.

30-50%. . . 50-70%. . . 70-90%. . . Avg . . . Charger
--------- . . . --------- . . . --------- . . . ------ . . . ---------
18min . . . . 18min . . . . 23min . . . . 1.02 . . . Apple
18min . . . . 18min . . . . 23min . . . . 1.02 . . . PowerGen (Apple port)
34min . . . . 35min . . . . 41min . . . . 0.55 . . . PowerGen (Non-Apple port)
20min . . . . 22min . . . . 26min . . . . 0.88 . . . HTC U250
35min . . . . 35min . . . . 39min . . . . 0.55 . . . Computer USB port (.5 amp)

Avg is "percent per minute" overall -- from 30% charged to 90% charged.

Note 2: Blocking other outlets. Seems like small thing, but it can be a hassle. Unplugging lamps, alarm clocks, etc to charge your phone? Just say no (or carry an extension cord).

Note 3: Energy efficient: With no load, charger stays cool, and my Belkin energy monitor says zero watts. While charging iPhone, charger gets warm, but not hot. Consumes 6.7 watts, most of which transfers to the iPhone.

Difference Between The Two Ports - urufish on Jul 19, 2012

Bought it a month ago for use with 3 Blackberries (rotation). Ports are marked NA and A. Assume NA means non-Apple. Blackberry charged on NA. Didn't charge on A. Why? The data pair (2 pins) are shorted in the NA port. Many phones (many Blackberries) want to see this configuration from a wall charge unit. So what do you if you want to charge 2 Blackberries at once? You buy USB charging cables. What's a USB charging cable? It's a USB cable with the 2 data pins shorted out.
Whether we're talking 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0, there are still two kinds of cables. The ones that ship with phones are called Data cables. For wall chargers, you're better off with an honest to goodness charging cable. All the cables I've collected over the years came with phones. So they're all data cables. Data cables don't have the data pair shorted out. Charging cables do.
After figuring this out, I dragged out a bunch of old wall chargers that I couldn't get to work with my Blackberries over the years. With the charging cables they all work.
Looking around the internet reviews, it looks like an awful lot of people don't understand this distinction. As far as I can tell, any wall charger will work with any phone or tablet as long as the Amp (wattage) requirement is met. No mystery. You'd think all the folks that make USB wall chargers would short out the data pair to avoid all those negative comments on the internet about their charger not working with this or that. Since the Apple port (A) isn't shorted, assume that Apple doesn't like to see the data pair shorted. Why? It's a wall charger. No data ever.

A Very Handy AC Charger For Mobile Devices And Small Electronics - J. Chambers on Mar 31, 2012

Full disclosure: The seller offered me a PowerGen Dual Port Travel Charger to test and review.

My wife and I travel occasionally, when the travel charger will really come in handy, for two reasons: 1. We've lost a couple of AC chargers by forgetting to take them from a hotel room when we left; and 2. Many hotel rooms don't have enough electrical outlets for all the electrical devices that we carry with us, so having a dual port charger reduces the need for electrical outlets.

The charger has a small blue light that lights up when it's plugged in. It's not bright enough to be distracting, but it shows that the charger is operating, AND it should attract enough attention that we won't forget to remove it from an outlet before leaving a hotel.

I used the charger on several electronic devices, and it worked fine with all of them. I did not attempt to measure the recharging times, but they appeared to be comparable to the recharging times when using the dedicated AC rechargers that came with the devices. The devices that I tested with the charger were:

* Kindle 3 (also known as a Kindle Keyboard) - 5V ~ 0.85A

* Kindle Fire - 5V ~ 1.8A

* iPhone 4 - 5V ~ 1.0A

* Samsung Stratosphere cellphone - 5V ~ 1.0A

With each device, I checked periodically during recharging, and both the recharger and the device remained cool, with no overheating.

I have only a couple of minor negative comments:

1. The instruction leaflet says the warranty is six months, while the Amazon product description says one year. I'm guessing that one year is correct, since that's typical for electronic devices.

2. The instruction leaflet says simply that both ports provide 4.8-5.3 volts at 2.1 amperes (the device itself is labeled 5.1V/2.1A). The Amazon product description appears to imply that one of the ports provides 0.5-1.0A (for Apple products), with the other port providing 1.0-2.0A (for non-Apple products). As a practical matter, I doubt if it matters which port you use, but if the ports have different outputs, it would affect the recharging time.

Overall, I was very pleased with the product, and having two ports on the charger is a very nice feature that will come in handy for both travel and home use.

Enough Power To Charge An IPad, With The Convenience Of 2 USB Ports - tracksyde on Apr 10, 2012

I got this PowerGen Dual Port USB wall plug along with the PowerGen 8400mah Power Bank (PowerGen Duo-Power External Battery Pack 8400mAh High Capacity Power Bank Charger Dual USB output for Apple iPad 2, iPhone 4 4s / Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, Epic 4G / Blackberry Torch Bold Curve / HTC Sensation 4G XE XL, Thunderbolt, EVO 4G shift ...) for a trip to New York. I wanted something that would put out enough amperage to charge an iPad and I also wanted to cut down on the number of Apple wall plugs we brought along (the more we bring, the more we seem to leave at hotels, friends' homes, etc). I also wanted a wall plug that was capable of 2 amps because I had read that it would charge up my Power Bank 8400mah battery quicker than the supplied wall plug (which I believe only outputs 1A).

The device performed as expected. I was able to keep 2 devices plugged in at all times, whether it was an iPad or iPhone or my Samsung Galaxy S II or the Power Bank. All the devices charged up as expected. I didnt take any time measurements, but I believe this unit does charge just as quickly as any of my devices OEM chargers. It definitely wasn't slow or sluggish.

The unit itself seems to be well built. I had purchased similar devices in the past that came apart or didn't seem to provide enough amperage to fully charge up an iPhone. The PowerGen wall plug didn't show signs of weakness or low amperage. And as mentioned above, I was able to charge an iPad with no issues (the iPad will report it is in fact being charged, unlike when you plug it into an iPhone charger and it says 'Not Charging', even though it is, just really slow).

I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone and everyone. I will most likely be purchasing a few more to replace a couple of Apple USB wall plugs around the house to cut down on the number of wall plugs using up outlets throughout the house. Well worth the money.

Review For Use With Nexus 7 Tablet, Samsung Galaxy 7.7 Tablet, And Samsung Galaxy Nexus Cell Phone, And SanDisk Sansa Clip+ - Ali Julia on Sep 19, 2012

I tested PowerGen Dual Port USB 2.1A 10W AC Travel Wall Charger with Nexus 7 Tablet, Samsung Galaxy 7.7 Tablet, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus cell phone, and SanDisk Sansa Clip+ player.
I received PowerGen wall charger for testing from the manufacturer to write an honest and unbiased review and you will find both pluses and minuses of my experience in this review.

I am attaching a collage of 5 photos labeled with numbers 1 through 5 under customer photos that I will be referencing in this review.

The first thing I noticed that this wall charger is fairly small, it takes up only one slot on the extension cord. Photos #1 and #4 show this plug on two different power strips.

The plug has two ports labeled "A" and "NA" which stands for Apple and Non-Apple devices. I own all Android devices but I tested both ports to see their behavior with my devices. The charger comes without a USB cord, so tested it with the USB cords that came with my devices.

I used Battery App to determine how each device recognized the external battery pack. 'AC' status means the charging is at full charging rate. 'USB' status indicates charging at a lower charging rate. 'Discharging' status means that the charging rate is below the power that the device is consuming so it slows down the discharge rate but does not re-charge.

The key findings:
(1) Samsung Galaxy 7.7 cannot be charged with this wall charger with either port
(2) "A" port provides reduced power for some non-Apple devices and does not work for others

The table below summarizes my findings:

Nexus 7 Tablet (photo #4 and #5, note that the left port is labeled "A" and the right port is labeled "NA")
A port -- discharging
NA port -- AC

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone
A port -- USB
NA port -- AC

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7
A port -- discharging
NA port -- discharging

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player
A port -- charged at USB rate
NA port -- charged at AC rate

The behavior with Nexus devices was consistent and good on "NA" port. Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone was more forgiving and worked even in Apple "A" port at USB rate.

The behavior of both Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus plugged in at the same time was the same as when they were plugged in individually. This means if you want to recharge both Nexus 7 Tab and Galaxy Nexus phone at the same time there is only one combination that works:

Nexus 7 Tablet and Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone at the same time
NA port -- Nexus 7 Tablet -- AC rate
A port -- Galaxy Nexus Phone -- USB rate

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 7.7 did not work (was discharging) in both ports.

The MP3 player worked in both ports, but as USB rate in "A" port and at "AC" rate in in "NA" port. When I charge Sansa MP3 with a standard AC charger (photo #3), the MP3 player goes into charging mode, displaying the charging animated icon, the MP3 content is not played. When MP3 was plugged into the PowerGen plug (photo #3) it continued to play the content. I listen to books on my MP3 player so this caused me to move forward in my book and I had to manually reset my position by a few chapters to get back to where I was when I started charging. The positive side of this, is that is possible to continue listening while MP3 is recharging.

To summarize:

I liked:
1. Good behavior with Nexus devices.
2. Solution for MP3 player with built-in battery
3. Can charge two devices (but one at a reduced rate for non-Apple devices)

I did not like:
1. Did not work with for my Samsung Galaxy tablet
2. For non-Apple devices one port has less power or does not work
3. For non-Apple devices the less useful plug takes up a little extra room

If you own two Apple devices that you want to use with this plug, this is what manufacturer states: The NA port is not designed for Apple device, however, it charges the iPhone at 500mAh. When charge the IPAD and iPhone at the same time, plug the iPhone first (NA port) and then the iPad (A port) to avoid the iPhone report the charger as incompatible.

Overall, I recommend this plug for people who own Apple devices more than people who own only Android devices. If you don't own Apple products than an port with two non Apple ports would be better as you get reduced usefulness on "A" port.

Ali Julia review

Does Not Work On New Ipad - neuronerd on Jun 21, 2012

Bought 2 of these. Neither of them actually charges the new ipad - despite what the description says. Having to return them.

No Cigar - Ward Mundy on Aug 25, 2012

Contrary to the description, this unit does not appear to deliver over 1 amp to the non-Apple USB port. We have a device that requires at least 1.2 amps, and it fails regularly using this power adapter. Try the other 2.1 amp adapter from RND Power Solutions. That one works reliably.

One Port Did Not Work - Paul Tunkle on Jun 23, 2012

This is a two port charger. One port was 2.1 A for an ipad and the other was standard. The 2.1 port does indeed work on the ipad as advertized. The other did not work at all.

Not Good For IPad3 - B. A. Brown on Jun 5, 2012

This works but wouldn't charge my iPad3. I tried both ports, but in both cases got the "not changing" message after about 10 seconds.

Great Charger For Charging Two Devices Simultaneously - Charles Coverly on Jun 22, 2012

There are two USB ports on this charger (duh) for charging your electronic devices. However, there is a difference between the two that you should be aware of.

One is marked "iP Port". This is for your Apple devices, or other power hungry devices. It DOES charge my new iPad, as well as all my other devices, including my Droid X.

The other one is marked "Non-iP". This port will not charge your Apple devices. In fact, it won't charge my Droid X, either. It will, however, charge my mp3 players no problem. I've read that it won't charge the Blackberry phones, either.

If both ports charged iPads, I'd gladly rate this 5 Stars, and they'd have a winner on their hands.

Just be aware of these limitations before you order, and you won't be disappointed.

Buy It Now! - designpro on Jun 2, 2012

Literally the best charger on Amazon. Conveniently compact, it plugs into a power outlet without taking up more than one spot. A subtle blue LED makes it easy to find at night, and you could always cover it if it bothers you. The two USB ports are labeled "IP-Port" and "Non IP" for Apple products and everything else respectively. The 2.1A maximum current easily charges all my devices without getting hot. In case you didn't know, a higher current charger is compatible with lower current devices, but not vice-versa!

Worst Thing Ever....dont Waste Your Money - Minnie1981 on Oct 5, 2012

Will not buy this ever again......the USB charger melted.....could have caused a short circuit. A total waste of money...and could have caused a major accident. Good I noticed it before is caused any harm. Charger gets extremely hot...that it melted the plastic covering outside...not safe at all. I didn't return it as it would cost me the same amt to send it back. Very unhappy with the purchase.

Doesn't Work With IPhone 4 - Laura Friedman on Aug 17, 2012

The product does not work with my iPhone 4. I get an error message that the device is not compatible.

Bigger Than Expected But Works - David G on Jul 6, 2012

This is a bit bitter than I expected from the pictures but it seems to work fine. The blue light is very dim, but that's fine because none of my other chargers have a light at all. There are 2 ports--labeled A & NA. These mean Apple devices and Non-Apple devices because Apple uses a different charging protocol. If the wrong plug is used, it won't damage anything but might charge slower.

Great USB Charger - CA.Mcleod on Jun 24, 2012

A great little USB charger with high power output. Mine came with labels indicating IP (for ipad) and Non-IP (for non ipad devices). This is already a compact charger but would have liked the AC plug fold into the charger like some other higher end travel chargers would make this even more compact for traveling. I like having two USB connections since I can charge my tablet and phone at the same time with one charger.

PowerGen Dual Port USB- A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!!! - saeagle on Dec 17, 2012

I was very disappointed with this product. It does not charge both devices at the same time; the one I have will charge the iPAD as well as a Cell
Phone, but not both at the same time. I was led to be believe that it would charge both, simultaneously.

I would not buy this product again.

Good, Honest Backup Charger, Great For Owners Of Apple Gadgets - A. Dent "Aragorn" on Aug 9, 2012

I received 'for review' units at no charge but I hope to be as fair and unbiased as humanly possible.

The charger provides more or less what you'd expect from a unit within this price range. The one innovative or original feature is making one of the 2 charging ports a dedicated 'Apple' socket for quickly charging Apple devices only. Both USB charging ports work with either Apple or non-Apple hardware but the makers caution that charging a non-Apple device through the Apple port may not be as efficient as using the non-Apple port. It plugs into a wall outlet and, according to specs, it outputs as much as 2.1A when only one of the 2 USB ports is used, sharing it when they are used simultaneously. No cables are provided, meaning that you must have your own and they should work for as long as there is a standard USB-A connector at one end to plug it into the charger.

This is what I like about the product:

+ 2.1 Amps seems to be good enough to charge most 'small' electronics. Had no trouble charging small MP3 players, a PSP, Kindle e-readers and our Kindle Fire.
+ Dedicated 'Apple' (for fast charging of Apple gadgets) and 'Not-Apple' ports for everything else.
+ Supports 100-240V AC, meaning that it can travel to foreign countries but you may need a plug adapter there.
+ Price appears to be in line with what most similar products sell for at Amazon.
+ The small 1/4 page User Guide is well written and informative.
+ Every device that's listed as chargeable and I tested did charge.

But nothing is perfect:

- The prongs don't fold, something we might expect from a device that's meant to travel.
- Not all devices that match the charger's specs (but not on the list) actually charge or if they do they charge very, very slowly. I don't have the tools to measure the output at the other end of a USB wire but I suspect that the output may be something less than the claimed 2.1 Amps.

Segregating the 2 ports into Apple/not-Apple makes the 'dual port' a more versatile 'one port' charger, which is okay. Anyone who owns both Apple and non-Apple chargeable Apple hardware should pick this charger as a great backup.

Overall, the minor issues noted, this is a good backup charger with one interesting capability - the dedicated Apple port. It works well and, given that I've burned this one in for about 10 days, it should last for a while.

NOTE: I initially rated this as a 4-star but I am upgrading it to a 5-star after successfully, simultaneously and quickly charging an iPhone through the Apple port and a Sansa Clip MP3 player through the 'other'. I see this charger as a 4-star for anyone who does not own Apple devices and a 5 star for those who do.

This Is An Excellent Value Charger With Two USB Ports That Will Charge Your IPad 3 And Other Smart Devices! - jjceo on Aug 1, 2012

If your home is like mine you are running out of wall sockets to charge all of your toys. Our iPhones, iPads, iPods, iPod Touches, Bluetooth headphones, and on and on all have a separate wall charger. Here is a nice product; no I mean a great product that features two USB sockets for your smart phones, tablets and accessories. I have successfully charged the following devices without any problems:

* iPad 2 only on the A port
* iPad 3 only on the A port
* iPod 60 GIG only worked on the NA port as it is an old school Apple charging design
* iPod touch on both ports
* Kindle Fire on both ports
* Kindle Keyboard on both ports
* iPhone 4 on both ports

I like that the wall charger has two USB charging ports and it can charge two devices at the same time. (Like our two iPhones simultaneously)

The unit did not charge the HP TouchPad as claimed but so far I have tried a dozen different charging devices and none of them will charge the HP TouchPad except the original HP charger and the HP Touchstone. The HP TouchPad requires a strong 5.3 VDC at 2.08 Amps. When I tried it I got the HP error message that the charging device was not supplying either enough voltage or current to effectively charge it.

The unit can provide up to 2.1 amps which is the rated charging rate for an Apple iPad 3. If you plug in multiple devices they both will still charge (They share the 2.1 Amps) but if one of them requires more than

If I Die Young... - Marissa Hadland on Jul 29, 2012

I wanted to like this product, having done a lot of research on the Apple/Non-Apple Amp output conundrum when it comes to charging. I wanted something to charge my iPad, and also my myriad of other USB electronics (no, not at once). I tore open the package, anxious to finally get a fast charge on my Android. The light came on, on the unit. I turned my head to attend to other matters and when I looked back, the blue light was off. Dead. Swapped out to my iPad in the A port. Nothing. Changed outlets. Tested those outlets with other devices. Nothing. Empirical reasoning thus concludes that this charger lasted all of 5 minutes or less. Wasn't a good ROI and I am disappointed. Not sure if I want to reorder it if quality control is this much of an issue. I'm cringing about the car charger I bought my mom from PowerGen, too, if it will also be DOA.

EDIT: One month later. The company DID respond to my request when I asked for a replacement, and was sent another free of charge. So far, after charging both my iPad and Android phone about a dozen times, I have had no issues. I have edited the review from 1 star to 3 to reflect this.

Good Quality Charger For Ipad And USB - Mark A on Jun 29, 2012

When these arrived (shipping was faster than I expected) I was quite pleasantly surprised and impressed by the quality of the charger. There is nothing cheesy about their construction. They have a solid feel and a shiny high tech looking finish. The manufacturer has added labels to the two ports to identify the IPad socket. It quickly charges our Ipad, Ipod and regular USB devices. The blue LED is fairly bright, but with a diffuser cover it is but not as annoying as those on some of my other equipment. I probably wouldn't want it staring at me in my bedroom, but I never notice it in our kitchen where it usually has a couple of devices happily charging away.

Truth in reviewing - they offered me a free duplicate if I wrote a review, but I was quite happy with the product and glad to recommend it.

Simple/Effective - Eric G on Jun 17, 2012

This product was purchased to charge a New Trent external mobile battery (10000mAh). I left the battery charging overnight and it went from 2 bars to full charge (4 bars). The blue light on the charger was bright enough to let me know it was on and working without being so bright as to light up a dark room. The manual is a little simple and the labeling on the two USB charging ports are a little cryptic. One is labeled "IP Port" and the other is labeled "NON-IP." I couldn't figure out what those labels meant until I read some of the reviews. My best guess is that "IP Port" means iPad port and "NON-IP" means this port is not for an iPad. In any case, my battery was fully charged and I was happy. There's not much more you can ask for in a product like this other than it just work. The PowerGen charger just works. My only gripe would be the documentation is a little lacking. Put another five minutes into writing the manual and it would get five stars. Overall it's still recommended for anyone needing a simple dual outlet charger that will work with Apple products.

Works Well, Charges Quickly. - Anthony Pantliano "T on May 7, 2012

The PowerGen Dual USB charger is a nice idea, but one of the USB ports on my sample was broken and would not charge. I used an iPhone 4 and and iPhone 4s, both with the original USB cables from Apple. I switched the cables and plugged and unplugged the cables and the charger to no avail. I have contacted the company, and will update this review if they replace it with a functioning unit.

12/15/2012 Update: After contacting the company about my defective unit another one was quickly sent to me free of charge. The new unit not only works properly but it is also updated with labels on the USB ports indicating which port is meant specifically for Apple devices. Despite the special label, I found my iPhone charged fine using either USB port. Additionally, I used the charger to charge a Flip Mino HD and a Sony Cybershot digital camera. It charged all the devices quickly and without hiccups.

Build quality of the unit if fine, and there is a blue LED to indicate that the charger is plugged in and receiving power.

All in all...a convenient way to charge two USB devices simultaneously.

Decent But Not Perfect - Deepers on Sep 6, 2012

Minus one star for being designed/marketed around Apple products when there are far more consumer USB devices from other manufacturers.

Minus another star for being designed to charge two devices (one tablet and one other like a phone) but not providing 3 amps output (i.e. 2 amps for the typical tablet including the iPads, and up to 1 amp for most high end smartphones). Providing only 2.1 amps max means one or both devices will have to charger slower than normal. (I'm ignoring the case when you charge only one device at a time because this plug was designed to handle two, else I would just buy a standard 2 amp charger).

Only other gripes are very minor: the blue LED is so faint that in a typical office with fluorescent lights and some daylight, you can barely see it unless you're about 18 inches away from it; the USB ports are labeled "A" and "NA" (Apple and Not Apple), but that's not very useful to help you figure out into which port to plug in your tablet and which one to plug in your phone (even if you owned an iPad and iPhone, A and NA don't mean much). To help me remember, I associate A for Apple's iPad (not iPhone). Which leads me to the rest of the review...

If you have a non-Apple tablet (Samsung Galaxy/Note 10.1, Touchpad, Kindle, etc) that needs the typical 2 amp circuit (look at the very small writing on your OEM charger to figure that out), then use the NA port to charge your device (think "Not Apple's iPad"). If you plug it into the A port, your tablet may not respond or may even go into MTP (Media Transfer) mode, but it won't charge. That port is designed mainly for the iPad, secondarily for iPhones/iPods, with a tertiary use for non-Apple non-tablets.

Plug your non-Apple phone into the A port.

Again, keep in mind that while two devices are plugged in, one or both ports will get slightly less current than normal. That is, you may get less than 2amps on NA, and less than 1amp on A... meaning your devices will take a bit longer than normal to charge (but you get the convenience of one plug as a tradeoff). If you need to charge one device quickly, unplug the other cable.

Works With IPad, But Requires The Right Apple Cable - Collin_E on Apr 17, 2012

Many of these usb wall chargers have varying reviews about whether or not they work with apple products, and I'm here to say that's really more apple's fault for trying as hard as possible to make sure you buy their peripherals. I bought this particular charger because it was cheap, had 2 outlets, and could get up to 2.1 amps (for iPads). When I got it, the first thing I did was plug it into my iPad (3rd generation, "new" iPad). At first I used the cable that came with the iPad, and tried both outlets (turns out the one closest to the edge is the 'iPad' outlet). I was sad to see the "Not Charging" message show up over my battery icon, but I decided to try with a different apple cable (an original cable from an older apple product, not a knock off). To my surprise, this one worked! I also decided to try a slew of combinations with old apple chargers/cables, and found some really interesting results:

Old Apple Cable: the fat 30-pin connector where you had to "squeeze" the sides to release it from the port
New Apple Cable: the pull-to-release version with a much slimmer 30-pin connector
Old Apple charger: 5V, 1.0a (aka 5W)
New Apple Charger: 5.1V, 2.1a (aka ~10W)
PowerGen Charger: the one you see above

New Cable + PowerGen = FAILS
Old Cable + PowerGen = WORKS
New Cable + New Charger = OBVIOUSLY WORKS
New Cable + Old Charger = WORKS (but interestingly goes permanently to "Not charging" message if you quickly unplug/replug or wiggle)
Old Cable + Old Charger = WORKS
Old Cable + New Charger = WORKS

It looks like something about the new cables signals the iPad to look for an Apple branded charger, while the old cables do not, and since apple wouldn't want to have backwards compatibility issues with its chargers, there is some code in the iPad to allow any charge from one of the old cables. Or maybe it's something else, who knows. Take this all with a grain of salt.

TL;DR - This will charge your iPad, but only if you have an older "pinch" type apple cable. Jury is still out on 3rd party cables, charge rate, etc.

Good Charger For A Good Price - Bill on Apr 2, 2012

I tried out this dual port charger and it passed the most important test: it worked! I've gotten a few knock off chargers for Apple devices over the years, and many of them either don't work with Apple devices out of the box or mysteriously stop working. I suppose this one could stop working eventually too, but so far everything looks great.

The charger has two ports, one that is supposed to be 2A for high draw devices like the iPad (or iPhone, I believe), and the other for standard electronic devices. You can plug into either, and they aren't labeled, so I'm honestly not sure which ports I've been using. I didn't actually try to measure the charging time. What I can say is that it works perfectly with my iPhone 4S and my wife's Samsung Solstice II plugged in. The two ports are very convenient. No more traveling with two chargers, just bring this one and two cables and you're set!

A couple of cons:
* The total current capacity is 2.1A, which means if you're using both ports, you won't get 2A out of the high amp port.
* The ports aren't labeled, so good luck figuring out which one is high amperage!
* The unit didn't have the prettiest appearance. I don't know if it had been returned or what, but there were some scuffs and marks on it. It definitely didn't have a shiny, new appearance to it. But that's just cosmetic.

At $10 there are cheaper options out there, but I haven't run into any that can support multiple devices and use the proper protocol for charging Apple devices at higher currents (or working at all with Apple devices). In any event it's much cheaper than the branded chargers, especially Apple. You can buy with confidence knowing that this charger will work well for your all your devices.

Works Well - Jill on Dec 12, 2012

The item works well and saves the number of outlets needed. Just be aware that only 1 port works to charge higher powered devices (ie Ipad). Only an issue if you have 2 ipads (or high amp devices) you want to charge at the same time, not usually an issue for most homes. The light duty USB will charge my Nokia 710 and my Kindle Fire HD 7" fine while I use the Higher Amp plug to charge my wifes Ipad and Iphone. I am unsure is the 8.9" Kindle Fires require more amps or not. If you do have two Idevices, I would recommend labeling which Icable is the higher amp one or you will be constantly plugging your IPad in and waiting to see if it says "charging" or you will peridically come back for your Ipad and it isn't charged.

You can still plug in a second 110V charger (ie for a camera battery) into the 2nd wall plug on the same outlet as long as the other charger is not too large. I think you could get two of these Dual USB adapters into the same outlet, but haven't tried it (note: I said I think you could). I have seen some that you can not use the other 110V outlet at all depending on how you plug the USB charger into the outlet.

Works As Advertised - catdaddy on Dec 9, 2012

This charger works perfectly. I use it to charge my iPhone 5 and iPad/iPods from the same outlet all the time with no issues.

Not Fully Working - Anat Kleinmann "Anat on Dec 6, 2012

I bought it because it has dual port USB, but when I used it only one port is active at a time.
I could have bought 2 one port items instead.

Good Charger Good Service - R.Aguilera on Nov 23, 2012

the charger has come very handy, I just don't see the difference on the 2 USB outlets. One is dedicated for apple products and the other one is for any other USB device that needs charging, however the apple one is supposed to charge rapidly but I see no difference. However the product is good sturdy and helpful.

Fast Charge! - Morgan M. on Nov 16, 2012

Excellent charger! Charges all our devices (iPad, Kindle Fire, HTC Thunderbolt, Droid 4, iPhone 4S) very fast, even with two devices plugged in. Can't give specifics on charging times, but I can say you won't be disappointed. Charges faster than the chargers that came with our devices. Having two ports is extremely handy. It has been a life saver a few times now.

Only strange thing, Droid 4 has to be plugged into the A port, not the NA port (Apple, Not Apple). All the other devices can charge either way.

Also, just a helpful hint, turn off your device if you can when you charge it. The charging time will be soooo much faster. Especially with our iPad. Just make sure to plug in the device and then turn it off. Many devices turn back on when you plug them in.

VERY Pleased With The PowerGen Chargers. And These Are Faster Than The Factory Ones That Came With My Samsung Galaxy SIII! I - Joe on Nov 8, 2012

I think I need to buy some more of these...these chargers are high output and charge FAST!!! Love them and VERY happy with my purchase. I bought:
2 of PowerGen Dual USB Port 2A 10w (fast) Heavy Duty Ouput Car Charger (Black)
2 of PowerGen Dual Port USB 2.1A 10W AC Travel Wall Charger (Black)

One Charger Works Great, The Other Did Not. - Edward M. Klouda "Ed on Oct 25, 2012

This charger works for both my iPhone 4S and my google nexus7 (which is finnicky when it comes to chargers). It was shipped quickly. UPDATE: I ordered 2 chargers, and only used one when I submitted this review. I have since discovered the second charger, (which came in the same shipment, and had the same packaging), does not charge either my Nexus tablet, or my iPhone4S. It was defective, and Amazon handled the return and refund, with minimal hassle. The only thing was I would have preferred an exchange, for another working charger, which they did not offer. I know I can just order another, but at $9.99, the shipping would not be free, as was the original order combination of over $25.00.

Works Like It Should - Michael Dinh "Michae on Oct 25, 2012

Bought 2 of these. One for home & one for the office to charge my iPad 3. Works flawlessly. Though I would of paid a little extra if they put a dual iPad instead of a single iPad USB plug. the other plug only works for smaller devices such as iPhone and Android phones or iPods. The speed of the charge is pretty much the same as a OEM/Apple charger. it's about 1 minute per 1 percent. So a full charge usually takes about an hour and a half or an hour and 45 minutes. No problems with syncing to laptop whatsoever. Highly recommend.

Very Impressed, Charged New Ipad Quickly (Ipad 3) - M. Akridge "AlwaysTh on Oct 23, 2012

Lately I've been miserable charging my Ipad 3. I can plug it in over night and it goes from 15% to 69 % in 8 hours. So very slow. I plugged this charger in, the blue light turned on, plugged in the Ipad 3 and it went from 53% to 89% in one hour. I was amazed!
This is my new favorite charger and I plan to buy more. It blows the apple standard charger out of the park!!

PowerGen Dual Port USB - John Nazareno "Hi" on Oct 16, 2012

Works great, fast charging Dual port USB for Apple Ipad, Ipadtouch and Kindle Fire HD !! no problem seems like its built better than most dual USB charger

Works - L.M.G. "LG261" on Oct 4, 2012

I ordered this product and it was received in a timely manner and worked as expected. I like the idea of being able to plug two things into one socket (e.g., two iPhones can be charged at the same time). Thank you

Not So Good.. - Scoo on Oct 4, 2012

I purchased this with hopes of charging my Nexus 7 and Incredible 2 phone. It works OK to charge the phone, though it does take a while. Charging the Nexus is a different story. I plugged in the nexus and it did not register as charging. I tried the other USB outlet and still the nexus didn't register as charging. I left the nexus connected over night and the battery level increased though the nexus didn't show as being connected to power. After being connected until fully charged, when I disconnect and read the battery status, even though it says 100% it says 3 days on battery. Going to replace the unit with a RND power solutions 2.1 amp charger. I know that unit works well and charges my android electronics quickly. RND Power Solutions Premium 2.1A (fast) Dual USB AC Adapter / Wall charger for iPads, Tablets, Smartphones, MP3 Players and Gaming Devices (black)

Wow It Works! - JOE MAL on Oct 2, 2012

Top shelf product that runs & charges all of my stuff! I bought some others from a BOX store that fell way short.I use it for a GALAXY 10.1 TAB & a MiFi 2200(long streamig time). I can't say how it works with APPLE but it has the kick(power) i've been looking for. Buy more than than one you can't go wrong. Charges while running in record time


Great Charger For Raspberry Pi - Daniel Varjas on Sep 30, 2012

I bought this charger for my Raspberry Pi home media center. One of the USBs goes to the Pi, the other to an external HDD via an USB Y cable. Works perfectly, really gives the claimed power, what is crucial for such a setup.

Compact, Fast Charger - JRobert on Sep 11, 2012

This two USB-port charger can deliver up to 2.1 amps (combined, to 1 or both devices). Those devices that can use that much can charge at full rate (they'd take much longer on a standard USB port). I use this for my Kindle Fire which needs 1.8 amps to charge at full rate and whose own charger has a bulkier plug and an inconveniently short cable. One of the USB ports is even Apple-compatible(*), so my wife and I can travel with just this one charger between us. Note that you'll need to use your device's own USB charging cable. Kindle Fire owners: that's a USB A to USB micro B cable such as Mediabridge - USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro-B Cable.

Two minor downsides:
- It's wide enough to block the adjacent outlet in a power strip. If manufacturer had only turned the AC prongs the other way, this would not have been an issue.

- It has a pretty, BRIGHT blue LED to let you know you've plugged it in (in case you hadn't noticed doing so). It's annoying at night and hardly necessary since most devices indicate when they're charging. I put a sticker over mine.

(*) I had to look this up: Apparently Apple's chargers tell Apple devices how much current they may draw. Other devices will try to draw what they want, up to the charger's capability.

Excellent! - J. Dunn on Sep 11, 2012

This dual-port wall charger is terrific! One port is for any Apple products first, but can be used for non-Apple as well. The other port is only for non-Apple products. I've used both ports at the same time, and it worked great!

Great Charger! - Mr. Efficiency on Sep 3, 2012

Incredibly cheap for what you get: two charging ports in one device in a compact charger. Easy to travel with and like others have noted, if you're using the correct ports, you can charge iphone and ipad at the same time. Both will be fully charged overnight.

I think the previous versions did not come with marked ports. The updated model has the ports marked. I've uploaded closeup pics. There are two ports, each marked as NA (non-apple) or A (apple). If you're charging an ipad and iphone, use the high amp A port for the ipad and the NA port for the iphone. You can mark the wide end of your wire with a marker or ribbon so that you can differentiate the two cords without having to follow them back to the charger...makes life easier.

The plug is compact, but would be nice if the prongs would disappear like the oem apple charger. On the other hand, adding moving parts to the device will bring up a whole new bag of complications, so it's probably better to keep things (and expenses) simple.

So Useful, I Bought A Second One - Les Porter on Aug 22, 2012

This product is great! I have a Nexus 7(the fussiest damn device I ever had for power supplies) and an iPad 3 and it handles both!

Big & Ugly, But It Works - CS on Aug 16, 2012

This is a big ugly charger, with prongs that don't fold. I'd rather have two smaller chargers than something like this. This is definitely one to leave at home, rather than keeping in the travel kit.

However, it does work. I bought it primarily to charge various smartphones, and Kindles, and it certainly functions well. I didn't have any problems with it. Note that with the newer units the two ports are marked A and NA (for Apple and non-Apple devices).

Excellent Dual Por Charger For IApple Portable Product!!! - Jose M. on Jul 29, 2012

In English:

I Have buy this item to EnerMall seller and was Fulfilled by Amazon.

The first that I can comment about this charger is that are excellent, I Have test this in some apple product as iPod touch (2nd Gen), iPod Shuffle (First Gen), iPods nanos (2nd and 5th Gen), iPhone (2nd Gen) and iPhone 3G & 3GS and this work like a charm, with zero "Incompatibility accessory" and "no charging" error.

This new version come with the name port printed: "NON-IP" for No iPad Compatibility port and "IP PORT" for iPad Compatibility port. I Have tested all my device in both port and the only different are the time of charging, but nothing error are present. I Have test too some other phone as Samsung Flight A797 and no error have found.

I Recommend you this small but mighty 2 port charger for multiple device charging, for on the go, for your very low cost and high quality.
En español:

Compre este producto a EnerMall y fue despachado por Amazon

Lo Primero que puedo comentar acerca de este cargador es que es excelente, lo probe en algunos productos Apple como iPod Touch (2da. Generacion), iPod Shuffle (Primera Generación), Ipod Nano (2da y 5ta Generación), iPhone (2da Generación) e iPhone 3G & 3Gs y trabajo perfectamente, sin errores de compatibilidad y No Carga.

Esta nueva versión viene con el nombre de los puerto impresos: "NON-IP" para el puerto no compatible con iPad y "IP PORT" para el puerto compatible con iPad. Probe mis dispositivos en ambos puertos y la unica diferencia fue el tiempo de carga pero ningun error se presento. Tambien probe otro telefono el Samsung Flight A797 sin errores.

Recomiendo este pequeño pero poderoso Cargador de 2 Puertos para cargar multiples dispositivos, para llevar a cualquier lugar, por su muy bajo costo y alta calidad.

Apple 2.1 Usb Charger - Mr.Perfait on Jul 17, 2012

The product was as described and the shipping was fast. High quality charger, 2.1 amp for Apple and Android. It is not compatable with my Asus Transformer. Please check bottom of product description. The socket A is 2.1 amp. Thanks !!!

Good, For A While... Replaced - No Problems! - D. Chiquelin on Jul 9, 2012

I purchased this charger to use on vacation to cut down on the number of chargers we would have to take since we have two iPhones and one of the new iPads. I tested it charging the iPad and it worked fine. I also tried charging both an iPhone and the iPad (with the iPad on the 2 A connection) and it also worked fine - for a few hours. I tried to use the charger the next day and the blue LED light was no longer on. I checked the outputs and everything was dead. I had noticed that the charger got a little warm while charging the iPad, but not overly hot so wasn't that worried about it. Unfortunately, it died, but luckily it died after only a day or two, so I wasn't stuck on the vacation with no way to charge our devices. We just took the reliable Apple chargers with us. I would have loved to be able to use this as I liked the design and small size, but it seems either we got a bad unit or the design can not handle charging two devices simultaneously if 1 takes the full 2 A output.

Update on 10 July 2012 - The seller is sending a replacement unit. I'll update the review again once it has been received and tested. FYI - the seller appears to be very responsive to their customers - a nice change from what you often see. (That makes purchasing an item you have doubts about a lot easier to do!)

Update on 23 July 2012 - I have been using the item for almost 2 weeks now with no issues. The charger gets warm when charging, but not hot.I checked the current draw on the charger using a Kill-a-watt device and with no load it uses 0 Watts (good! Not a vampire device!). When charging an iPhone 4s it uses 6.2 W. With the new iPad on the Apple line it draws 12.2 W (screen off, 13.0 W screen on). If you connect both the iPad and the iPhone 4s (iPhone on the no-Apple line) it draws 16.0 W and both are charging. If you plug only the iPhone in the non-Apple port it draws a reduced 3.3 W, but the iPhone will charge, which is nice. (You can not charge the iPad from the non-Apple line.)

Charging times: With both the iPad and iPhone charging the iPad went up 1% every 5 minutes. The iPhone was going up about 3% every 5 minutes. I didn't do a test when only charging an iPhone on the Apple plug - it seems to charge quickly and others have written on the charge times in more detail than I would do.

All in all a great product. The first one I received must have been defective - I noticed that the blue LED was much brighter on it than on the replacement. And with a seller that stands behind their product and will replace it free you have no worries.

A "New IPad" Charge That Works. - Kevin Murphy on Jul 3, 2012

After getting my new iPad, I discovered, as many do, that the normal USB chargers and wall chargers for the Apple iPhone and iPod won't really work. They connect OK, but the iPad responds "Not Charging". Reason is that USB ports don't usually provide enough power to drive the iPad's charger circuit. Most wall plug chargers top out at 1 Amp, while the iPad really wants 2 Amps at least.

I searched and searched, and there really are NOT a lot of alternatives that provide the needed 2 Amps, other than the one Apple sells for $20 or $30.

This one, though, actually does the job and so far does it well. You can plug in one iPad, or two phones or other devices that have a USB-adapter cable. And the price seems right.

Solid Usb Charger - jlaw on Jun 19, 2012

My only complaint about this charger is that it's a little bulkier than the standard Samsung phone charger. However, it's doesn't block any adjacent sockets and it's still small enough to be easily used for travel. There are two ports, one marked "IP port" and one marked "NON IP" I don't know what IP stands for, but the IP port is meant for apple devices. I use the 2A non ip port to charge my Galaxy Nexus, and I'm very pleased with the charge speed. Roughly 3 hours for a full charge from 0%. All in all, a solid product.

Very Pleased USB Wall Charger - N. Ta "NT" on May 29, 2012

This wall charger is quite good and the price is amazing plus you get 2 usb ports in one device.

1.) 2.1A 10W port, great for tablets and other power hungry devices. Charges pretty fast and no over heat issues.
2.) 2 Ports, no more carry another wall adapter but make sure you have an extra USB cord for that specific device.
3.) Very cheap, the apple product is $30 for a similar charger and you only get 1 port.
4.) Durable, slim, no issues whatsoever.

1.) Came a little scratched like it has been used before.
2.) No labeling of the port to indicate which one is 2A or 1A.
HINT: The port closest to the blue LED light is 1A and the other one is obviously 2A.

Conclusion: This thing just simply works and you will save a lot of money too. Highly recommended!!! I hope you find this review helpful :)
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